Our Team


Dr. Liza Schneider
Position: Founding Trustee, Veterinarian
Job: Guiding ARRC’s growth and development and providing veterinary services to the rescued animals
Service: Since the Trustees inception in June 2003.
Interests: Having come from South Africa and being born into a family who is committed to and passionate about wildlife and conservation, it seemed inevitable that Liza would use her skills and knowledge to further her commitment here in New Zealand. Her gentle and kind way is always evident when she deals with the smallest and most injured bird. She never turns her back on an animal and will do everything in her power to ensure the animal has an improved quality of life. Liza is the director of and vet at Holistic Vets.



Sue Mackey
Position: Manager, Trustee
Interests: With a background as a cattery and kennel owner, vet nurse and pharmacy manager Sue brings many diverse skills and a bubbly personality to ARRC. Sue has always had a deep love for animals and a passion for their well-being and the health of the environment. She is devoted to a high standard of care for the many birds and animals that come to ARRC as well as the people who look after them.
Job: Sue is responsible for the care of wildlife, our Community Cat Project, Adopt a Pet Programme, Kids Education Programme and managing all of ARRC’s activities. She is a very busy lady but takes everything in her stride with a smile on her face!



Janeane Joyce
Position: Trustee
Background: Janeane has had a love for the rescue and rehabilitation of wildlife and animals since a young age and continues to support this through her ongoing volunteer work with ARRC and the SPCA.

Janeane has 18 years’ experience in local, regional and central government in both Australia and New Zealand primarily in the areas of strategic, corporate and place based planning and investment. She is currently the Organisation Improvement Manager at the NZ Transport Agency, based in Tauranga, where she leads and supports a number of strategic regional and national programmes and projects for the organisation.

Janeane is married to David and has two boys aged 10 and 8 who also all share her love for wildlife and animals.


Christine Jump-TeamARRC

Christine Jump
Position: Trustee & Secretary
Background: Chrissy Jump is an Accountant who runs a small firm in Tauranga with her mother and wife. DC Accounting Ltd is passionate about helping organisations with positive and genuine purposes and Chrissy in particular enjoys helping businesses succeed by adopting a holistic approach. She came to ARRC after becoming Holistic Vets accountant and learning of the wonderful work done by Dr. Liza and her team. Since joining the team in 2011 Chrissy has loved watching ARRC grow and achieve milestones the team never thought possible. She particularly believes in ARRC’s environmental education goals, and hopes to see this become basic knowledge for our future generations. Her favourite part of working with ARRC is interacting with the team, as she is always keen for a good laugh and lively discussion.

Jody Beattie
Position: Trustee
Background: I have worked with ARRC for over 3 years and I am very passionate about our mission and vision and the important role that we have in our community. I believe that we can and do make a big difference to many animals and people as well as our environment. I have always had a passion for animals and since working with Holistic Vets and ARRC I have developed a strong interest in wildlife rehabilitation and educating our community.

I joined the board so I can help the trust move forward to effectively achieve our goals. With many years’ experience in visual arts and having done my veterinary nursing certification, I aim to bring a wealth of knowledge and positive energy to ARRC’S board so that we can continue to teach the community about the environment and what it can do to help and protect our precious wildlife.