ARRC is always grateful for the work that is done by our volunteers who offer invaluable assistance in housing, feeding and transporting animals whilst being rehabilitated. If you too would like to make a difference and become an ARRC volunteer, please just get in touch. We would welcome your support.

Our Wonder Workers


Brigitte Gilbert
Intro: At ARRC we have so many wonderful volunteers, I would like to introduce you to one, Brigitte Gilbert.
Brigitte is a trained animal homeopath and specializes in the care and rehabilitation of the sick and injured hedgehogs who are brought into our centre, she has been involved with arrc since she heard of the organization through one of her lecturers at the school of homeopathy in January 2011.

In visiting Brigitte at her home I was treated to a tour of her animal hospital and introduced to “her babies”, I met David, Etienne and Mary, all at different stages of recovery. The hedgehogs often arrive at holistic vets extremely ill, often with life threatening disease or injury, thanks to Brigittes tireless care and attention these animals are often brought back to complete health and rehabilitated enough to be released back into the wild. So a huge thank you to Brigitte our hedgehogs and arrc are very lucky to have you.

If you are ever in need of an animal homeopath to treat your pets, Brigitte would love to hear from you please phone her on 576-2610.

Brigitte and arrc would also like to extend their thanks to Sue Stretton in the Waikato, Sue has been a wealth of support to Brigitte and has provided a safe new home to release Brigittes healthy hedgehogs.



Jennifer Harrison
Intro: Jennifer is one of our brilliant kitten foster parents, she takes on multiple litters each season, there is hardly a time where she is not looking after some little ones for us!

Jennifer has been fostering the little bottle fed kittens for many years for different organisations and is now part of the ARRC team. We ‘keep an eye’ on the foster parents so they have all the support they need which is appreciated by her as the role of fosterer of tiny kittens as it does have its share of heartbreak as these tiny ones are ill equipped to tolerate what is necessary for them to survive and so we share in the tears as well as the joy with our foster parents. Jennifer gets a frequent question: Why do you do this? Her answer is always “Because they deserve a second chance at life and it really is as simple as that. But I wish there wasn’t a need for me and that the birth of unwanted kittens becomes a thing of the past…which of course makes the message to de-sex so vital to ensure a better future for all felines.”

Being from a secretarial background we asked if she would manage the online profiles of those kittens and cats that are currently available for adoption and she was delighted, her skills with the online profiles have helped us to do so many adoptions that wouldn’t have been possible without her help!

And for a happy ending – the little kitten Jennifer is bottle feeding in the photo is a miracle as she was orphaned the day she was born. No-one rated her survival highly – but grow and develop she did albeit slowly. However she did develop some health issues and for this reason was not suitable for adoption and so has joined Jennifer’s feline family – and most fosterers have an animal or two like this…occupational hazard I guess. She is named Mirry – shortened version of miracle.