What We Do

Wildlife Trust

Every day and in every way, ARRC Wildlife Trust aims to improve the well-being of our communities’ wildlife, animals and natural environment.

Founded in 2003 by Dr. Liza Schneider, ARRC Wildlife Trust has been assisting the Department of Conservation, vet clinics and public with the rescue and rehabilitation of injured and orphaned wildlife in the Bay of Plenty.

As part of our commitment to the preservation of our environment, ARRC is proactive with animal related projects such as our “Adopt a Pet Program”.

Passionate about caring for our native wildlife, we work to educate and create public awareness in order to ensure the long-term health of our wildlife and their natural environment.


  • Has a credible, reputable, qualified team with many years of experience, proven performance and results.
  • is local and acts locally.
  • is not for profit.
  • collaborates with local agencies and organisations in our community.

Our Vision

A nation where our wildlife, animals and natural heritage are respected and cherished.

Our Mission

To provide specialised services, programmes and facilities for the rescue and rehabilitation of wildlife and animals.

To demonstrate, educate and inform our community about the importance of respect and responsibility for the well being of our wildlife, animals and natural heritage.

Long Term Goals

  • Our community upholds an environmentally sustainable ethic as a valuable asset and actively strives to reduce our environmental impact
  • Conservation of our natural heritage is a broad community goal
  • All animals are respected and treated humanely
  • Responsible pet ownership is a minimum standard ie. Owned animals have their welfare needs met as well as their impact on our natural environment managed eg. Dogs attacking birds, cats desexed and not present in native bush
  • Education of our children about environmental sustainability, conservation, animal welfare and responsible pet ownership is part of all school’s curriculums and our children understand and value the importance of conserving our natural heritage and take pride in it
  • Recognition of our senior citizens’ need to interact with animals and the need to have them as companions for their enrichment is enabled and supported
  • Organisations participating in the areas of environmental sustainability, conservation and animal welfare work collaboratively and co-operatively to create and apply solutions for problems in these areas
  • Other communities benefit from our actions as we pioneer a way forward, helping to provide them with tools to achieve similar goals