Success Stories


We love to hear happy stories about our adopted kitties, and this one is particularly cute! Here she was named Precious, she has settled in well to her new home, and has found a permanent source of entertainment!

Leroy and Molly

Both of these two were ARRC rescues. Leroy came from a colony at Otumoetai as a kitten, he ended up getting adopted twice and returned both times. First time was because the owners thought he was deaf (definitely not) and the second time he was scared of the dog they had so back he came again. Finally he got a great home out on a small farm with people that really adore him and they have had nothing but great and loving things to say about him. When they came to get Leroy they saw Molly and him were very good mates but only wanted one cat so Molly and Leroy got separated. Molly came to ARRC as she was dumped at the race course, she was very timid at first and spent most of her time in the rafters hiding from us. Molly joined us in June 14 and also went out twice to new parents but like Leroy came back to ARRC. People found her too shy and wanted a more out-going cat. Leroy’s mum kept in touch and visited Molly on a couple of times to see how she was going and to see if she had been adopted. Finally Leroy’s mum said she would take Molly (in February) and trail her to see how she would go with Leroy again after some months apart. It’s like they haven’t been separated, Molly cleans Leroy all the time, even when he’s not into it. Molly has really come out of her shell and turned into a real lap cat, they love her to bits. Leroy loves having his old mate around again and they are always together inside, Molly hasn’t quite got up the confidence to follow Leroy around much outside but he will get her out eventually. Leroy now has to share his bed that he once had all to himself.

A Wild Kitten’s Story

At a young age we had taken 3 ginger kittens from a colony and had them in a foster home for a few months to try and tame them, they didn’t quite come around as well as other kittens have and ended up being 6 months old and still quite shy around people. We put a special ad out on facebook trying to find a patient home to bring them out of their shells, or a farm where they could keep the rodents under control and be provided with shelter and food still.

We had a lovely lady interested in giving one of these guys a home and recently she has sent us some pictures and this message:

Just wanted to let you know that the little ginger 6 month old cat that we got from u a month ago has turned out to be the most amazing cat ever. Very friendly & smoochy. He loves kids & every person even gets on with the dogs. He is very cruisey and we adore him. Best cat we have ever had 🙂 thank you for caring for him & his two brothers. We feel very lucky we have him as our own cat. Many thanks. Taz.

All he really needed was a loving home, and it makes us so happy to hear good outcomes like this. His two brothers were also adopted, they went together to live on a rural property.

Paddy’s Story

This lovely cat “Paddy” was found one evening in one of the ARRC volunteers’ garden. He was very skinny, dehydrated, worm and flea ridden, and showed signs of having been hit by a car. With some TLC he bounced back beautifully and through our Adopt A Pet Programme has now found a loving home.

The photos below show Paddy when he arrived and Paddy one month later after been in ARRC’s care.

Harry’s Story

This cat was trapped and was taken into ARRC as no one could find his owner and as an entire male he had been beating up the neighbourhood cats. The people who trapped him assumed that he was wild and wondered whether he would need to be put to sleep as finding a home for a wild cat is difficult.

ARRC’s team assessed him and found him to be friendly and tame. After being desexed and having a health check he was named Harry. Harry turned out to have a gentle nature when it comes to interaction with humans and is now in a great home with people who love him.

Felix’s Story

“Felix” one of our ARRC kittens that has found his way to a new forever home, Felix came to us with 4 other siblings and they all went to our adoption home to try find new homes, some of them were a bit shy when they first got there. Felix has found his new home and he is doing so well, loving it there and has changed completely from being a bit shy to being a lot crazy!

Teenage pregnancy a concern

Many young mums with their litters of kittens are taken into ARRC through the breeding season. Often these young mums have been owned at some stage, not been desexed and then left behind when people move. Come breeding season they quickly get pregnant and deliver their kittens wherever they are able to find a safe place.

Whilst their kittens are very easy to find homes for, these young mums don’t find homes as easily but they make lovely pets and thanks to the fabulous efforts of our wonderful foster Mums, many of them are now in wonderful “Forever homes”.

If you would like to adopt a lovely young cat please contact us on 07 579 9115 or take a look at our current trademe cat listings here.

Some of our recent young mums. Photo’s courtesy of Matt Leamy Photography.

Teena’s Story

We were very happy to see this message in our inbox: “Hi guys, I thought I would post the latest photo of Teena my ARRC rescue kitten. She is now eight months old and such a delight. She loves string, growls at dogs that pass by the window and makes mad dashes around the place when she is excited. She keeps us in fits of laughter every day. Thank you for rescuing her and her siblings and thank you to Teena for the caring work she does.”


Luci, one of our rescued cats in her new home, looking very spoilt on the couch with her new best friend Mo.


From a happy new cat owner: “Heys guys, just wanted to update you on my max I got from you a few months back. He is such a cool little dude. Love him to bits and he is so at home with our crazy house. Thank you so much guys. You are all amazing.”


Yet another successful adoption, the new owners messaged us not long afterwards: “Thank you ARRC, for the beautiful cat I adopted today from the lovely Maureen. Her housing for the cats is lovely & comfortable with lovely homely surroundings and all the cats look healthy & well cared for. I would have loved to take Hugo the tabby cat home as well as Coco, the one I chose, Hugo will make an awesome pet for some lucky person. I chose Coco as he is 12 years old & I just wanted to give him a good quiet & relaxing home for his last years. So happy.”


“Just over a year ago I got this beautiful little boy Buddah from Maureen when he was 8 weeks old. I absolutely love him to pieces. He was my baby. But unfortunately he was taken to kitty heaven tonight L I just wanna say thank you arrc for giving me the love of my life & he will live forever in my heart “ – Adoptive parent of the cat.


Louie the kitten has found a best friend and snuggle buddy in his new home, Bandit the dog.


“Adopted this guy 2 weeks ago from the lovely team at ARRC, he is settling in well, he’s laid back but very playful! Gets on well with our dog! Thanks guys, you do an awesome job!” – from a happy new owner

Mo and Maggie

The two black and white kittens, Mo and Maggie have made themselves right at home and get on great with Nucky Lucky.

Blaze and Panda

Blaze & Panda have are loving their new home, and have found the best spot in the house to keep warm.

Emmitt & Esme

Emmitt & Esme were both kittens adopted from ARRC, they got rehomed together and they are loving it!