Kids Education Programme


In order to help foster an attitude of respect and responsibility for our natural heritage, we believe that the education of our future generations is imperative as the future truly lies in the hands of our youth.

To achieve this and encourage personal responsibility, we will launch the ARRC Kids Education Programme.



ARRC Kids Adventure Series

ARRC believes that kids education is imperative for a sustainable long term solution for many of the issues that we encounter where man impacts on nature. One of ARRC’s aims is to help educate kids about the importance of conservation, environmental sustainability, animal welfare and how these themes link in together. So we have written 8 kids stories about cases that have come to us where wildlife has needed our help due to a complication created by man. They have colourful illustrations, fun facts and tips on how kids can help our wildlife.

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All proceeds from the book sales go directly to ARRC so we can continue to educate the public and save animals’ lives.

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Christmas Special on Children books, Buy all 10 books for $90.00.

Contact Arrc on (07) 579 9115 for more info on this special.


Our first book, Frankie and the Flypaper tells the story of an adventurous and fun-loving Fantail called Frankie, a native bird that has a wonderful life in the forest. But one day he seeks adventure flying into a cottage and becomes stuck in sticky flypaper. Two big men find Frankie and rush him to ARRC where he is given special care and once recovered he is taken back to his forest to be re-united with his fantail friend Fiona. Frankie is beautifully illustrated by Stiaan Viljoen who has donated his time and talent to help ARRC with this project.

Our second book, Wiremu and the Cat Gang is about a cool little Waxeye called Wiremu that is attacked by some homeless and hungry cats. A little boy finds him with a broken leg and takes him into ARRC where he receives care and then he is released once his leg has healed. It has delightful illustrations by Emma Frederickson from Akari design who has kindly donated her time and expertise.

Our third book, Sal Gets Stuck is about a Red Billed Seagull called Sal that gets stuck in foam which encases her legs and almost drowns. Sal gets taken in to ARRC where all the foam is carefully removed so she is able to be released. It has delightful illustrations by Sue Douglas who has kindly donated her time and expertise, thank you Sue!

Our fourth book, Sheldons’ Fishing Fiasco is about Sheldon the Shag who goes out to find fish to feed his chicks but then gets a fishing hook stuck in his mouth. Sheldon is taken to ARRC, has the hook removed and can get back to his pink little chicks! Sheldon’s gorgeous illustrations have been done by Frith Bartlett who has also donated her time and expertise, thank you Frith!

Our fifth book, Manu’s Mishap is a story about a Morepork that gets caught in a trucks path as he is flying so he needs help from ARRC to recover.

Our sixth book, You’re OK Kingi tells the story of a young Kereru that has had his tree felled and then he is stuck on the ground since he can’t fly yet, until a kind man brings him to ARRC until he can be released again to where he came from.

Our seventh book, Pipi the Penguin is mauled by a dog on her beautiful beach in the bay and needs emergency care. After intensive care, treatment in an oxygen chamber and weeks of tender loving care she is healthy enough to return to her beach and ride the waves again.

Our eighth book, Tilly the young Tui tries to put her wings to the test but she falls to the ground when a gust of wind blows. Some kids find her and treat her roughly but another comes to her rescue. After some special care and a week of rest she is able to fly up to her favourite Kowhai tree.

Our ninth book, Hemi and the Poisoned Possum is about a hawk who feasts on a poisoned possum and becomes ill. Tests and medicine helped Hemi feel better so he could be returned to his farm.

Our tenth book, Daphne’s Dreadful Day is about a duck that becomes paralysed from swimming in a polluted river. After some special treatment and medicine she is able to swim in her favourite spots again.

We are grateful to Kathy Broadhead and Alana Broadhead for adapting the stories wonderfully, Sonya Corbet for her thorough proof reading and Michael Bogalo for his expertise with branding and layout. They have all so kindly donated their services.

ARRC is working to obtain sufficient funding so that these books may be distributed to schools with suggested lesson plans and an ARRC education officer so that kids can be educated about human impact on our wildlife. ARRC are looking for sponsors to help us distribute these books into schools to help spread the messages about conservation as widely as possible. If you’re interested in helping please let us know!

Christmas Special on Children books, Buy all 10 books for $90.00.

Contact Arrc on (07) 579 9115 for more info on this special.