Tv Series

M.A.D Vets 24/7 is a weekly 30 minute TV series about ‘a day in the life’ of Holistic Vets and ARRC Wildlife Trust and how their team MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Tune in for the funny, inspirational and heartbreaking moment as they Make A Difference to the lives of animals and those who care for them!

MadVets 24/7 is premiering on Country TV 13th March’14.

Animal lovers everywhere will fall in love with MAD VETS 24/7! A fast paced & quirky show that educates and inspires, with all that our local veterinarian (Dr. Liza Schneider) does working around the clock 24/7 saving the lives of animals & NZ wild-life! Dr. Liza & her team of ARRC Angels (Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre), go where others fear to tread with new innovative treatments to help both small and large animals!

Brace yourself to be moved from tears to happiness, as we showcase everything from the heart breaking moments, to the happy feel good moments! Every episode brings helpful hints for pet owners, encourages, educates and inspires animal lovers everywhere!

Episode 1 – S1

Episode 2 – S1

Episode 3 – S1

Episode 4 – S1

Episode 5 – S1

M A D Vets 24/7 Scenes from Episode 1

Promo for M A D Vets 24/7