Frankie and the Flypaper

This is the first book in ARRC’s Adventure series to be released!

All proceeds go to ARRC to support the work that we do.

As a wildlife trust (primarily providing medical care and wildlife rehabilitation services) ARRC believes that kids education is imperative for a sustainable long term solution for many of the issues that we encounter where man impacts on nature. One of ARRC’s aims is to help educate kids about the importance of conservation, environmental sustainability, animal welfare and how these themes link in together. To meet this need we have written 8 kids stories, each with a different character illustrating an important theme with action points of what kids can do to help our wildlife. These books are based on true stories of what ARRC encounters regularly.

Our first story, Frankie and the Flypaper tells the story of an adventurous and fun-loving Fantail called Frankie, a native bird, that has a wonderful life in the forest. But one day he seeks adventure flying into a cottage and becomes stuck in sticky flypaper. Two big men find Frankie and rush him to ARRC where he is given special care and once recovered he is taken back to his forest to be re-united with his fantail friend Fiona.

Frankie is beautifully illustrated by Stiaan Viljoen who has donated his time and talent to help ARRC with this project. We are also grateful to Kathy Broadhead and Alana Broadhead for adapting the story wonderfully, Sonya Corbet for her thorough proof reading and Michael Bogalo for his expertise with branding and layout. They have all donated their services.

This first book serves as an introduction. Over the coming months we will be releasing another 7 books: Wiremu and the Cat Gang, Pipi the Waverider, Manu’s Mishap and more!

ARRC is working to obtain sufficient funding so that these books may be distributed to schools with suggested lesson plans and perhaps even an ARRC education officer so that kids can be educated about human impact on our wildlife. Long term we’re aiming to distribute these books nationally and through commercial channels so that we can share this information with as many people as possible across NZ. If you’re interested in helping us with this project, sponsors, illustrators and other skills and contributions are gratefully accepted.

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