Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation

ARRC regularly cares for injured and orphaned native and non-native species of wildlife.

ARRC has a credible, reputable and qualified team with many years of experience, proven performance and results in caring for and protecting our precious wildlife.

We also demonstrate, educate and inform our community about the importance of respect and responsibility for the well being of our wildlife, animals and natural heritage.

Native wildlife may only be looked after by people who have permission from the Department of Conservation. Non-native wildlife such as thrushes, sparrows and most ducks may be cared for by anyone but it’s important to have a working knowledge on how to care for them.

Since October 2008* ARRC’s Wildlife Rescue has taken in more than 4260 wildlife animals, 1565 of these were native birds and 2695 were non native wildlife.
*accurate at date of print: March 2016

First Aid For Birds

Some tips on what to do if you find an injured bird.

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Success Stories

Here are some feathered friends that we have cared for.

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